Our new project: Community shelter and playground in Steng Hau


Through the supervision of our English project, we have come to understand that although some of the children that attend our English classes also attend public school during the day, the majority of them do not. In some cases, these children are working to help support their families financially, while in other cases their parents simply don't understand the benefits of having them receive an education. 

Shelter under construction

Recognizing these problems, we built a small community shelter and playground in Steng Hau where we offer basic education during the day as well as an open environment to generate dialogue and encourage children to return to the public education system. This model has already been proven to work in the slums of Phnom Kiev and Phum Dong in Sihanoukville where our partner organisation M'lop Tapang supports similar community shelters. These shelters function as a base for the community and provide a safe space for children to play and learn.

Playing ground besides the shelter

A social worker works with the children and their families, offering them support and encouragement to return to or enrol in public school. For those students who have been out of school for some time, we will provide basic Khmer literacy classes or „bridging classes“ as a means of assisting their reintegration into public school.

In order to properly carry out this project, our social worker will get ongoing training and development with M'lop Tapang's outreach team to ensure she is able to work with families, interact with children and understand the diversity of challenges they face.

Official opening ceremony

Our shelter started its operation on 17th September 2008 with an official opening ceremony!

Still, we need a lot of support to cover further investment costs as well as the running costs of this project.



Just a few examples of what your donations will be used for in the near future:

A toilet, the set-up cost of which would be 1000 US Dollar. Painting material, pens and notebooks, scissors, tape, balls, small towels, soap, toothbrushes for toothbrush training etc. - ongoing costs that are not yet covered.

A shelf, a closet.
Desk and chair for the teacher.
Running water.
First aid supplies.

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