Secure Help

Help that arrives where it's required, or how we make sure that your donations reach those in need

Donors wish to be sure that their money is used for the indicated purpose, and Future for Steng Hau is able to guarantee that this is the case.

We work closely with M'lop Tapang Center for Street Kids in Sihanoukville. Since 2003, M'lop Tapang has dedicated itself to the protection of children in Cambodia, and they are funded through several worthy international organizations. Our school project as well as our community shelter project are organised unter the patronage of M'lop Tapang. Therfore M'lop Tapang does not only oversee the financial transfers of all Future for Steng Hau projects, but is also responsible for the quality with regards contents and organisation of our Englisch classes and of the construction of the shelter project. Last but not least the teachers and social worker of our projects participate in workshops against abuse of children. Such workshops are the core competence of M'lop Tapang. For more information about M'lop Tapang, please visit

M'lop Tapang gives detailed accounting information to Future for Steng Hau on a regularly basis.

Finally, Future for Steng Hau Director, Sabine Nerling, became familiar with the work of M'lop Tapang during her travels in Southeast Asia, and received many insights into their success. Sabine is also well acquainted with Thet, and knows him to be a motivated, capable and reliable individual.

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