Welcome to the website of "Future for Steng Hau" (Zukunft fuer Steng Hau e.V.)!

Our organization wants to help people in Cambodia, after years of terror and war one of the poorest countries in the world, to help themselves. We support the development of the community of Steng Hau, about 30 km north from the coastal town of Sihanoukville. Our first project is to establish regular and high-quality English classes, open to all children of Steng Hau.

Did you know...?

  • For just US$15.00 we can rent a schoolroom in Steng Hau (a poor rural area in Cambodia) for one month.
  • Just US$50.00 pays a month's salary for one of our local teachers.
  • And for only US$65.00, we can provide English lessons to an entire class for one month.

In Steng Hau, even small amounts of money make a big difference!

How to support the organization

If you'd like to help us change lives in the community of Steng Hau, please consider a donation to "Zukunft fuer Steng Hau e.V." (Future for Steng Hau), Account Number 744181900, Deutsche Bank, IBAN: DE14 2007 0024 0744 1819 00, BIC: DEUTDEDBHAM, or becoming a member of our organization.

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